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What is ACT?

  • The ACT is a college entrance exam that every student should take if they are interested in attending a 2-year community college or a 4-year university. It is scored 1-36.

  • This test is a four hour paper/pencil exam that consists of English, reading, math, and science.


We do not test at Van Horn High School, however our students can register and test at one of the other high schools in our district:

William Chrisman High School
1223 N Noland Rd
Independence, MO 64050
School Code: 179300

Truman High School
3301 S Noland Rd
Independence, MO 64050
School Code: 154250

When you register for the ACT, make sure you use the school codes of one of these high schools for the "testing site" during registration.

Step by step Registration

ACT award/ scholarship

Click here to check out this scholarship opportunity and see if you're eligible!

College school codes

These are the most common places that Van Horn students have sent their ACT scores to.

If you want to send your scores to somewhere not listed, you can find their score here: http://www.actstudent.org/scores/scodes/

Search by state!

Exam tips

  • Double check exam site so you're not in the wrong location on test day.

  • Get enough sleep before test day

  • Avoid energy drinks

  • Eat a good breakfast

  • Get to class early--this gives you enough time to relax, briefly study with your classmates, and be 100% ready for the test

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