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Free Application for Federal Student Aid



FSA ID is the way you log in and electronically sign your FAFSA. Both parent and student will need to create an ID if parent doesn't already have one. Make sure to NEVER lose this info.

See Ms. Zangmo for any questions or concerns.

Logging into your FAFSA

When preparing, the students FSA ID will be entered first.

If you forget or lose this information, it gives you the option to recover your login.

Creating a SAVE key

You must create a save key. The save key allows you to return to your application or correction later if you need to stop and save your work.

It also allows you to share access to your application or correction if your parent needs to add information or sign.

Talk to Ms. Zangmo

You definitley want to make sure you are able to apply. She will be your best resource when it comes to filling out the FAFSA.

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